President Trump has declassified the Nunes Memo and it now is available to the public.  Your hosts–Professor Bobby Chesney and I–give it a deep-dive review here in a special-edition podcast episode.  Tune in to hear them discuss:

  • whether there are any factual claims in the memo which (*if* true) are worthy of concern (preview: they single out two);
  • whether any such concerns extend so far as to call into doubt whether FISC should have granted an order to surveil Carter Page (preview: no);
  • whether any such doubt extends to the larger FBI counterintelligence investigation involving Russia (preview: the #mehmo itself underscores that this investigation was well underway already); and
  • whether FBI Director Wray should now resign (preview: your hosts disagree).

Be sure to listen through to the very end, by the way; if you are a regular listener, you might be surprised by who gets most fired-up at the conclusion.

Meanwhile: please spread the word about this episode, and the show more generally!