The Report of the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies is an exceptionally important development in the national debate over security and surveillance. Just Security is holding a “mini forum” on the Report – essentially a series of posts by our Editors diving into the Review Group’s findings and recommendations.

Jennifer Granick’s lead off posts (here and here) discussed the implications of the Report for treatment of non-US persons. We will next publish an opening post by Marty Lederman, which canvases a range of major issues in the Report. This upcoming week will include posts from David Cole, Marty Lederman, Julian Sanchez, and myself. These posts benefit from internal discussions among the Just Security Board of Editors and promise to offer unique insights into the Review Group’s Report—including analyzing what it contains and does not contain–and new revelations about the scope and limitations of NSA surveillance programs.

We encourage readers to join the conversation via Letters to the EditorTwitter, Facebook, and on other blogs.