Julian Sanchez

Founding Editor

Julian Sanchez (@normative) is a senior fellow at Cato and focuses primarily on issues at the busy intersection of technology, privacy, civil liberties, and new media — but also writes more broadly about political philosophy and social psychology. Before joining Cato, Sanchez served as the Washington Editor for the technology news site Ars Technica, where he covered surveillance, intellectual property, and telecom policy. Prior to that, he was an assistant editor for Reason magazine, where he remains a contributing editor. Sanchez’s writing has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The American Prospect, Reason, The Guardian, Techdirt, The American Spectator, and Hispanic, among others, and he blogs regularly for The Economist’s Democracy in America. Sanchez studied philosophy and political science at New York University.

Areas of Expertise: Technology, Privacy, Civil Liberties, Surveillance

Selected Media Appearances
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