I. Charlottesville

1. Scott Sullivan, Prosecuting Domestic Terrorism as Terrorism
2. John Reed, A Post-Charlottesville Reading List

II. Surveillance and Privacy

Jake Laperruque, Closing Sec. 702’s Backdoor Search Loophole are Distorting How the Fix Works

III. President Trump and Congressional / Judicial Actions

1. Hannah Ryan, How To Punish A President
2. Steve Vladeck, Select Do Federal Courts Lack the Power To Directly Enjoin the President?

IV. Mueller Investigations

1. John Sipher, Don’t Expect Indictments Soon in Russia Probe: When Counterintelligence and Prosecutorial Interests Meet
2. Ryan Goodman, When Five Supreme Court Justices Said a President Can Be Indicted
3. Ryan Goodman and Alex Whiting, An Untold Option for Mueller: Grand Jury “Presentment” as an Alternative to Indicting Trump
4. Ryan Goodman and Alex Whiting, How Mueller Can Make the Grand Jury Report Public or Hand it to Congress

V. North Korea (and Presidential War Powers)

Deborah Pearlstein, The Test Case for Presidential War Power: North Korea and Trump

VI. Podcast

Steve Vladeck, Weekend Listening: Episode 31 of the National Security Law Podcast

VII. Our Vacation Announcement and Recommended Reading

Just Security’s Summer Vacation Reading List