Just Security is on a reduced schedule this week for summer vacation, which means we will publish some commentary and analysis but at a lower rate than usual. Our pieces this week will include analysis by John Sipher of the expected trajectory of the Russia investigation (coming later this morning), Ryan Goodman and Alex Whiting on a set of previously unreported options available to special counsel Robert Mueller, plus more.

In the meantime, we thought to highlight some of our most relevant and thought-provoking content of the year for summer reading edification.

From deep reflections on the threat to the rule of law in America, to an explainer on the special counsel investigation, this reading list might make you rethink fundamental issues in our democracy or help clarify aspects of the workings of government that you’ve been meaning to explore:


Image: Lyndon B. Johnson on his 60th birthday on August 27, 1968 with his grandson in the pool at the LBJ Ranch, near Stonewall, Texas – LBJ Presidential Library