Tuesday, May 16

10:00am – Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – Business Meeting (here)

2:30pm – Senate Committee on Intelligence – Intelligence Matters (Closed(here)

Wednesday, May 17

10:00am – House Judiciary Committee –  Challenges Facing Law Enforcement in the 21st Century (here)

10:00am– House Committee on Armed Services – Initial Findings of the Section 809 Panel: Setting the Path for Streamlining and Improving Defense Acquisition (here)

10:00am – House Committee on Foreign Affairs – Energy Opportunities in South America  (here)

1:00pm – Senate Committee on Intelligence – Intelligence Matters (Closed(here)

2:00pm – Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – The Balkans: Threats to Peace and Stability (here)

2:00pm – Senate Committee on Armed Services – Military Space Organization, Policy, and Programs (here)

2:00pm – House Committee on Foreign Affairs – Nomination (Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa)  (here)

2:30pm – House Committee on Foreign Affairs – Revitalizing U.S.-ASEAN Relations (here)

3:30pm – Senate Committee on Armed Services – United States Military Small Arms Requirements (here)

3:30pm – House Committee on Armed Services –  Military Personnel Posture: FY 2018 (here)

Thursday, May 18

9:30am – Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – Nomination (Ambassador to Japan) (here)

9:30am – Senate Committee on Armed Services – Nominations (Principal Deputy Under Secretary Of Defense For Intelligence; Assistant Secretary Of Defense For International Security Affairs; Assistant Secretary Of Defense For Homeland Defense And Global Security; General Counsel Of The Department Of The Army) (here)

10:00am – Senate Judiciary Committee –  Business Meeting (Nomination: United States Circuit Judge for the Sixth Circuit; S.867, Law Enforcement Mental Health & Wellness Act) (here)

10:00am – House Committee on Foreign Affairs –  U.S. Interests in Africa (here)

2:00pm – House Committee on Armed Services –  Amphibious Warfare in a Contested Environment (here)

2:00pm – Senate Committee on Intelligence – Intelligence Matters (Closed(here)

2:00pm – House Committee on Homeland Security –  From the Border to Disasters and Beyond: Critical Canine Contributions to the DHS Mission (here)

2:00pm – House Committee on Foreign Affairs –  Disappeared, Jailed, and Tortured in China: Wives Petition for Their Husbands’ Freedom (here)

2:30pm – Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – The Balkan Peninsula: Strengthening Democracy and Countering Malign Foreign Influence (here)

Friday, May 19

9:00am – House Committee on Armed Services –  Fiscal Year 2018 Priorities and Posture of the National Security Space Enterprise (here)