I. Guantánamo & ISIL Detainees

  1. Steve Vladeck, Can Detainees Plead Their Way Out of Guantánamo? (Tuesday, May 17)
  2. Jonathan Horowitz, The US’ Failure to Plan for ISIL Detention Operations is a Flawed Approach (Thursday, May 19)

II. Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act

  1. Steve Vladeck, The Senate Killed JASTA, Then Passed It… (Wednesday, May 18)

III. SCOTUS & Courts-Martial

  1. Andreas Kuersten, A Supplement to Steve Vladeck’s Assessment of the Supreme Court’s Treatment of Courts-Martial (Tuesday, May 17)

IV. Section 702 Reform

V. SSCI Torture Report & the National Archives

VI. Congress