Recap of Recent Posts at Just Security (March 5-11)

I. Guantánamo & Military Commissions

  1. Marty Lederman, Excellent Summary of GTMO Myths … and a Classic Case of the “False Equivalence Fallacy” (Monday, March 7)
  2. David Glazier, Guest Post: Closing Guantánamo: Before You Accuse Congress, Take a Look at Your Administration (Monday, March 7)
  3. Marty Lederman, Charlie Savage on Obama, GTMO and “Our Values” (Wednesday, March 9)
  4. Laurie Blank & Benjamin Farley, Guest Post: Determining When the Armed Conflict With Al-Qaeda Started (Friday, March 11)

II. Surveillance, Privacy & Technology

  1. John Reed, Reminder: You Should Care About Mass Surveillance, Even if You’ve Done Nothing Wrong (Monday, March 7)
  2. Marty Lederman, DOJ’s Appeal to District Court Judge from Magistrate Orenstein’s Rejection of Apple All Writs Act Order (Monday, March 7)
  3. Benjamin Good, Guest Post: We Need to Know More About How the Government Censors Its Employees (Thursday, March 10)

III. Syria & International Law

  1. Beth Van Schaack, War Crimes and the Use of Improvised and Indiscriminate Weapons in Syria (Tuesday, March 8)
  2. Just Security, Updated Readers’ Guide to Airstrikes in Syria (Tuesday, March 8)

IV. Torture

V. Countering Violent Extremism

VI. Assessing Hostile Intent

VII. Congressional Hearings


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