Tomorrow afternoon beginning at 1:30, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (“HPSCI”) is holding a rare open hearing, the subject of which is “NSA Programs,” with a special focus on the comparative merits of the burgeoning universe of proposals for NSA and FISA reform.

The government panel features James R. Clapper Jr., Director of National Intelligence; James Cole, Deputy Attorney General, Department of Justice; Gen. Keith Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency (and Chief of the Central Security Service and Commander of U.S. Cyber Command); and Chris Inglis, Deputy Director of the NSA. The second (non-government) panel features former NSA General Counsel (and DHS Assistant Secretary) Stewart Baker, former OLC head Steve Bradbury, and me. The Committee’s website should eventually have copies of all of the witnesses’ prepared statements (and a live-stream of the video). For those who want to get a head start, my written testimony is available here.