I. Drones & Targeted Killings

  1. John Reed, Two More British Citizens are Dead From a Targeted Killing in Syria (Monday, September 7)
  2. Noam Lubell, Guest Post: The Legal Questions About the UK’s Drone Strike in Syria (Thursday, September 10)
  3. Noam Lubell, Guest Post: The UK’s Letter to the UN Security Council Leaves Plenty of Unanswered Questions About Last Month’s RAF Drone Strike (Friday, September 11)
  4. Anthony Dworkin, Guest Post: European Countries Are Edging Toward Their Own War on Terror (Friday, September 11)

II. The Microsoft Warrant Case

  1. Jennifer Daskal, The Microsoft Warrant Case: Response #2 to Orin Kerr (Tuesday, September 8)
  2. Jennifer Daskal, The Microsoft Warrant Case: The Policy Issues (Tuesday, September 8)

III. Surveillance & Privacy

IV. Cluster Munitions

V. War Crimes

VI. September 11

VII. Congressional Hearings

VIII. Miscellaneous

  1. Just Security, Labor Day at Just Security (Monday, September 7)
  2. Just Security, Just Security’s Second Anniversary Event: The Going Dark Debate (Thursday, September 10)