If you’re a regular reader of Just Security, you may have noticed something different when you typed ‘justsecurity.org’ into your internet browser this morning. The standard ‘HTTP’ protocol has been replaced with ‘HTTPS’ and depending on your browser, you may also notice small lock symbol next to our URL in your address bar.

As of last night, Just Security has officially moved to HTTPS.

Why did we do this? As the name of our site suggests, we value security and privacy online – and we know that our readers do, too. We write frequently about online privacy, cybersecurity, electronic surveillance, encryption backdoors, and data breaches. We know that our internet history – the sites we visit, the articles we read, the searches we perform – can create detailed descriptions of our lives. HTTPS is one way we can better protect our readers’ privacy. HTTPS also makes Just Security more secure by protecting the integrity of our site’s content.