I. Defense Department Law of War Manual

  1. Adil Ahmad Haque, Guest Post: DOD’s Unbalanced Stance on Precautions Against Harming Civilians (Tuesday, July 7)
  2. Geoffrey S. Corn, Guest Post: Precautions to Minimize Civilian Harm are a Fundamental Principle of the Law of War (Wednesday, July 8)
  3. Charles J. Dunlap, Jr., Guest Post: Let’s Balance the Argument About the DOD Law of War Manual and Targeting (Friday, July 10)

II. Surveillance & Privacy

  1. Albert Gidari, Guest Post: Wiretap Numbers Don’t Add Up (Monday, July 6)
  2. Kevin Bankston, Guest Post: It’s Time to End the “Debate” on Encryption Backdoors (Tuesday, July 7)
  3. Eileen Donahoe, Guest Post: Bold Step on Privacy and Digital Rights (Wednesday, July 8)

III. Detention

IV. Drones & Lethal Force

V. The Forever War

VI. Definitions of Terrorism

VII. The Fourth Amendment and Extraterritorial Reach

VIII. Congressional Hearings

IX. Miscellaneous