I. Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) Against the Islamic State

  1. Steve Vladeck, Letter to President Obama on 2001 AUMF Sunset (Tuesday, Feb. 10)
  2. Just Security, White House Sends Proposed ISIL AUMF to Congress (Full Text) (Wednesday, Feb. 11)
  3. Just Security, Video of How to End the Forever War and Fight ISIL: Q&A with Harold Koh (Wednesday, Feb. 11)
  4. Ken Gude, Guest Post: Don’t Overvalue a Sunset in the AUMF: Start Talking About the Conditions When Wars Could End (Wednesday, Feb. 11)
  5. Just Security, Reader’s Guide to Just Security Analysis for an ISIL AUMF [Updated] (Wednesday, Feb. 11)
  6. Marty Lederman, Suggestions for Clarifying/Amending the President’s Draft ISIL AUMF (Thursday, Feb. 12)
  7. Ryan Goodman, Obama’s Forever War Starts Now (Thursday, Feb. 12)
  8. Ryan Goodman, What Do Public Opinion Polls on President’s AUMF Proposal Really Say? (Friday, Feb. 13)
  9. Megan Graham, Sens. Cardin and Murphy Offer Up Bill to Sunset 2001 AUMF (Friday, Feb. 13)

II. Detention & Trials

  1. Marty Lederman, “Gag Order” on Military Commission Defendants Substantially Lifted (Monday, Feb. 9)
  2. Jennifer Daskal, Challenging the Guantánamo Narrative: “Too Dangerous to Transfer” (Monday, Feb. 9)

III. Surveillance and Privacy

  1. Brett Max Kaufman & Patrick C. Toomey, Guest Post: Surveillance and the Vanishing Right to Know (Tuesday, Feb. 10)
  2. Rachel Levinson-Waldman, Guest Post: Key Questions for Today’s Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing With Nicholas Rasmussen (Thursday, Feb. 12)
  3. Margo Schlanger, Guest Post: US Intelligence Reforms Still Allow Plenty of Suspicionless Spying on Americans (Friday, Feb. 13)

IV. Congress

  1. Megan Graham, National Security-Related Congressional Hearings, February 9-13 (Monday, Feb. 9)
  2. Andy Wright, The 114th Congress and Formal Committee Oversight Reports and Planning (Thursday, Feb. 12)

V. Events