I. ISIL: Grand Strategy

II. Authorizations for Use of Force (AUMFs)

  1. Jack Goldsmith, Ryan Goodman, & Steve Vladeck, Seeking Consensus on AUMFs (Saturday, Nov. 15)
  2. Ryan Goodman, Debunking the “Vichy France” Argument on Authorization to Use Force Against Co-Belligerents (Monday, Nov. 17)
  3. Steve Vladeck, Livestream of National Security Law Brief Symposium: Congress, Use-of-Force Authorizations, and ISIL (Thursday, Nov. 20)

III.  Convention Against Torture

  1. Harold Koh, America’s “Unequivocal Yes” to the Torture Ban (Tuesday, Nov. 18)
  2. Gabor Rona, Guest Post: Obama Administration’s Position on the UN Torture Convention: New? Yes. Significant? Not So Much (Tuesday, Nov. 18)
  3. Sarah Cleveland, Guest Post: The United States and the Torture Convention Part II: Armed Conflict (Wednesday, Nov. 19)
  4. Just Security, Transcript: The US Appearance Before the UN Committee on the Convention Against Torture (Friday, Nov. 21)

IV.  Surveillance and Privacy

  1. Peter Swire, Guest Post: The FBI Doesn’t Need More Access: We’re Already in the Golden Age of Surveillance (Monday, Nov. 17)
  2. Megan Graham, Full Virginia State Court Opinion on Passcodes vs. Fingerprints (Wednesday, Nov. 19)
  3. Steve Vladeck, The End of the Snowden Affair (Wednesday, Nov. 19)
  4. Jameel Jaffer, There Will Be Surveillance Reform (Thursday, Nov. 20)

V.  Cybersecurity

VI. Detention

  1. Shaheed Fatima, UN HRC’s General Comment 35 on the Right to Liberty and Security: A Missed Opportunity? (Part One) (Wednesday, Nov. 19)
  2. Shaheed Fatima, UN HRC’s General Comment on the Right to Liberty and Security: A Missed Opportunity? (Part Two) (Thursday, Nov. 20)
  3. Jonathan Horowitz, Guest Post: Clarity or Confusion? General Comment 35 and Security Detention (Friday, Nov. 21)

VII. Trials

VIII. Congressional vs. Executive Powers