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Civil Liberties and Human Rights Groups Urge Ambassadors on the UN Security Council to Support Yemeni Civil Society



International and U.S.-based civil liberties and human rights groups are urging Ambassadors on the United Nations Security Council to take action to support Yemeni civil society, in the face of recent attempts by the government of Yemen to silence and intimidate renowned Yemeni human rights advocates.…   continue »

UN Counterterrorism Reform Overlooks Crucial Partner


Only a few weeks into his tenure as UN Secretary-General, António Guterres has been under pressure to fix the UN’s efforts to deal with terrorism and violent extremism. The programs he inherited are badly disorganized, while the threats are increasingly undermining not only international peace and security, but also the development goals at the top of his agenda.…   continue »

Humanitarian Military Options for Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack: “Illegal but Not Unprecedented”


Without Security Council authorization, any U.S. military force to respond to Assad’s chemical weapons attack would be a violation of international law, but …

Policymakers would be well advised to know the relatively long list of cases in which states have engaged in humanitarian intervention without Security Council approval, and not paid the same political costs that would come with predatory uses of force.…   continue »