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Letter to the Editor: Syria and the “Implicit Consent” Myth–A short reaction to Ford (and Goodman)

In a recent post on Just Security (available here), Chris Ford raises the issue whether the Syrian government may or may not have ‘implicitly’ or ‘tacitly’ consented to US-led coalition operations in Syrian territory, precluding wrongfulness of the operations under the jus contra bellum (“law against war”) framework.…   continue »

Letter to the Editor: Not So Fast on Calling it an “Armed Conflict” Between the US and Syria

In Tuesday’s provocative entry, “Is the United States Already in an ‘International Armed Conflict’ with Syria?,” Ryan Goodman states not only that the US is engaged in armed conflict in Syria – a claim about which there can be little doubt – but also, that the armed conflict may well be international (between the US and Syria) rather than merely non-international (between US and one or more non-State armed groups).…   continue »

Partition of Syria as Plan B?: The Case for Caution

This post is the latest installment of our “Monday Reflections” feature, in which a different Just Security editor examines the big stories from the previous week or looks ahead to key developments on the horizon.

Testifying before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee last Tuesday, Secretary of State John Kerry raised the possibility of splitting Syria apart as a way toward peace.…   continue »

The UN Security Council’s New Resolution on Women, Peace, and Security

The United Nations Security Council this week unanimously adopted a new resolution on women, peace, and security meant to improve the UN’s agenda for these issues. The new resolution (UNSCR 2242), marks the 15th Anniversary of the launch of the Women, Peace and Security resolution with the passage of landmark resolution 1325, by explicitly recognizing some of the roadblocks that have stymied the women, peace, and security agenda.…   continue »