Deceptive Report Escalates Srebrenica Genocide Denial Campaign


Jul 29th, 2021

The Mladić Appeal Judgment and the Enduring Legacy of the Hague Tribunals


Jun 28th, 2021

Nestlé & Cargill v. Doe Series: Toward a Harmonized Test for Complicity of Corporate Officials?


Nov 30th, 2020

Nestlé & Cargill v. Doe Series: No Safe Harbor for Enablers of Child Slavery – Secondary Liability and the ATS


Nov 25th, 2020

Revisiting the Mladić Trial Amidst Trump Admin’s Attacks on International Criminal Justice


Mar 19th, 2019

The Long Arm of Justice: Ratko Mladić’s Conviction Should Keep Perpetrators of Atrocities Awake at Night


Nov 22nd, 2017

Understanding Complicity: When the US Makes a “Substantial Contribution” to War Crimes Committed by Foreign Partners

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Jan 26th, 2017

De Facto and De Jure Non-International Armed Conflicts: Is It Time to Topple Tadić?

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Oct 13th, 2016

International Justice Day Round-Up III: Salvadoran Amnesty Law, Germany Apologizes to Namibia over Genocide, Corporate Criminality, and Colombia Ceasefire


Jul 20th, 2016

Is it legal to target ISIL’s oil facilities and cash stockpiles?


May 27th, 2016

Readers’ Guide on Recent Developments in International Criminal Law


Apr 6th, 2016

Convicting Individuals Isn’t Enough Accountability for Mass Violations of International Law

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Apr 1st, 2016