Freedom of the Press

The Biden Administration Should Continue Rebuffing NSO Group’s Latest Lobbying Efforts.

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Nov 29th, 2023

The Just Security Podcast: Counterterrorism and Human Rights (Part 2 Spyware and Data Collection)

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Nov 27th, 2023

On Eve of Elections, Polish Democracy is Subverted by Autocratic Media Advantage

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Oct 5th, 2023

US Sanctions Against Serbia’s Intel Boss Should Signal a More Holistic Policy Redo


Aug 16th, 2023

Guatemalan Election Runoff Endangered by Corrupt Authorities


Jul 27th, 2023

From ‘Island of Democracy’ to ‘Consolidated Authoritarian Regime’: The Need to Reverse Kyrgyzstan’s Slide

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Jul 25th, 2023

The Path to Justice for Shireen Abu Akleh Runs Through Washington


Jul 7th, 2023

Hate Speech from Modi Supporters Belies His Claims of Indian Democracy During US Visit


Jul 3rd, 2023

Spyware Out of the Shadows: The Need for A New International Regulatory Approach

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May 16th, 2023

Freedom of Expression and Media Freedom as a Driver for All Human Rights

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May 3rd, 2023

The Just Security Podcast: Is Evan Gershkovich’s Arrest the End of Free Press in Russia?

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Apr 8th, 2023

The Just Security Podcast: How Should the Press Cover Democracy?

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Jan 29th, 2023

Shireen Abu Akleh’s Killing Raises Questions about U.S. Security Assistance to Israel

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Dec 16th, 2022

Strengthening Press Freedom: New Media Principles for Commonwealth States


Nov 23rd, 2022

New DOJ Regulations Are a Victory for Press Freedom, But More Work Remains


Nov 18th, 2022

Regarding Pathways of International Accountability for Violence Against Journalists


Nov 11th, 2022

The News Media’s “Democracy Beats” Won’t Beat Back Autocracy


Oct 12th, 2022

What Elon Musk Does Not Get about Twitter and Democracy in Africa


May 4th, 2022

The Beginning of the End for Criminal Defamation in the Americas? The El Universo Case

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May 3rd, 2022

¿El principio del fin de la difamación penal en las Américas? El caso de El Universo

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May 2nd, 2022

López Obrador’s Last Chance to Protect Mexico’s Press


Mar 23rd, 2022

Moves To Ban Kremlin Propaganda Outlets Evoke WWII Anti-Nazi Efforts


Mar 5th, 2022

With Subpoena to a Photojournalist, Jan. 6 Committee Runs Needless Risks to Press Freedom

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Jan 10th, 2022

Revenge of the State: Freedom House Finds Tech Increasingly Serves Authoritarian Ends


Sep 21st, 2021

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