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Setting the Board: Congressional Investigations and the New House Rules Package


Jan 12th, 2023

Expert Backgrounder: Criminal Statutes that Could Apply to Trump’s Retention of Government Documents

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Aug 9th, 2022

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Feb 24th, 2022

Between Legitimacy and Control: The Taliban’s Pursuit of Governmental Status

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Sep 7th, 2021

Expert Backgrounder: How Can The Taliban Be Prevented From Representing Afghanistan In The United Nations?


Aug 18th, 2021

Expert Backgrounder: Recognition and the Taliban

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Aug 17th, 2021

Expert Backgrounder: The Westfall Act and Representative Brooks’s Speech


Jul 23rd, 2021

Top Expert Backgrounder: Russia’s SolarWinds Operation and International Law


Dec 21st, 2020

The Military Justice Dimension: Constraints on Military Personnel in Handling Civil Unrest


Jun 3rd, 2020

Top Experts’ Backgrounder: Military Action Against Iran and US Domestic Law

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Jan 3rd, 2020

Top Expert Backgrounder: Trump’s Impeachment–What Comes Next?


Sep 30th, 2019

Top Expert Backgrounder: Children in Immigration Detention — What are the International Norms?


Jul 1st, 2019

Top Expert Backgrounder: Aborted U.S. Strike, Cyber Operation Against Iran and International Law


Jun 24th, 2019