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The Cobb-Dowd BLT Summit Heard ’Round the World

On Sunday, Peter Baker and Kenneth Vogel of the New York Times reported on strains within the White House Counsel’s Office about strategy in responding to the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election meddling.

That White House lawyers would differ on strategy is commonplace.…   continue »

How Facebook Could Crack the Trump-Russia Case


Facebook should be treated like a crime scene. The social media company likely has troves of data that could provide critical leads for the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

The effort to investigate possible coordination between the Trump team and Russia has so far centered on the growing number of meetings and interactions between the campaign and Kremlin-linked figures.…   continue »

Why Congress Can’t Ignore the Health Impact of DACA


Nearly 700,000 young immigrants will spend the next six months in limbo, waiting to see whether the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which allowed them to legally live and work in the United States, will get a lifeline or be allowed to expire—potentially sending them back to home countries they barely know.…   continue »

Q&A with Andy Wright on Flynn, Subpoenas and “Privileged Information”


CNN reported Tuesday that retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, has twice declined to comply with a subpoena to appear as a witness before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He first did so in May, and has more recently refused a second request from the committee, asserting his Fifth Amendment rights.  continue »

Trump’s Tweets and Witness Tampering–Where to Draw the Line


Discussion of Donald Trump’s possible criminal wrongdoing since assuming the presidency has focused most intensely on classical obstruction of justice. Those matters involve whether the president impeding investigations into Michael Flynn and Russian election interference, and are reportedly under scrutiny by special counsel Robert Mueller and the Senate Judiciary Committee.  continue »

20 Questions That Should Be Answered by the Russia Investigations


As speculation continues to swirl about President Donald Trump’s plans to put an end to the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the ongoing congressional inquiries take on even more significance. Several committees are investigating overlapping issues related to Russian interference in the 2016 election and any potential involvement of the Trump campaign.  continue »

How To Punish A President


There are many allegations against Donald Trump that may give rise some day to either criminal prosecution or congressional sanction. But what precisely are the available options for the special counsel and for members of Congress? What is in their respective tool kits?  continue »