Amid Courts’ Role in US Democracy Struggle, Look to Lessons from Abroad


Feb 29th, 2024

What Should Courts do if a Future President Invokes the Alien Enemies Act to Deport Immigrants?


Feb 27th, 2024

Why and How the Senate Should Swiftly Dismiss the Impeachment Charges Against Mayorkas

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Feb 14th, 2024

The Biden Administration Must Use Civil Rights Enforcement to Push Back Against Texas’s Racist Invocation of Invasion


Feb 1st, 2024

Immigration Is Not an “Invasion” under the Constitution


Jan 29th, 2024

Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow Would Be Wise to Comply with Their Senate Subpoenas

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Nov 30th, 2023

Analysis of the Lawfulness of Kenneth Chesebro’s Elector Plan Under Federal Election Law


Oct 9th, 2023

National Security Law and the Originalist Myth


Oct 4th, 2023

The Government’s Section 702 Playbook Doesn’t Work Anymore

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Aug 30th, 2023

The Character to Lead: Republicans’ Fork in the Road Between Trump and the Constitution’s Eligibility Requirements for President


Aug 22nd, 2023

John Roberts Takes Control on Voting Rights

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Aug 11th, 2023

A Close and Critical Look at the ‘Five Things’ the ACLU Says You Need to Know About ‘NSA Mass Surveillance’

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Jul 26th, 2023

DeSantis Campaign’s Border Proposal Raises Separation of Powers Concerns

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Jul 18th, 2023

Recovering a Role for the Courts in Decisions to Wage War: How Congress Can Overcome the Political Question Doctrine (Some of the Time)

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Jun 12th, 2023

The Road to Fairer Congressional Districts Might Start with the States

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Jun 7th, 2023

How Lawmakers Hope to Sidestep Existing National Security Reviews to Target Foreign Investment


Apr 3rd, 2023

Congress Should Limit, Not Expand, Irregular Warfare Authority


Mar 30th, 2023

TikTok and the First Amendment


Mar 24th, 2023

Do State Laws Block Insurrectionists from Office?

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Jan 26th, 2023

A Presidential Appeal to the US and the EU for Bosnia’s Democratization


Dec 12th, 2022

Oral Argument in Moore v. Harper and the Perils of Finding “Compromise” on the Independent State Legislature Theory


Dec 8th, 2022

Roadmap to Accountability: How the Jan. 6 Committee Can Help Enforce the 14th Amendment

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Nov 15th, 2022

How Support to Partner Forces Enables Secret War


Nov 3rd, 2022

As Moore v. Harper Takes Shape, a Broad Coalition Takes Aim at the Independent State Legislature Theory


Oct 28th, 2022

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