American Autocracy Threat Tracker

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Jun 14th, 2024

As EU and Local Elections Approach, Hungary’s Civil Society Braces for Renewed Government Assault


May 15th, 2024

Trump’s Challenge to Democracy Through the Lens of Transitional Justice


Apr 18th, 2024

The Just Security Podcast: A Russian Legal Scholar in Exile on the Future of Resistance to Putin

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Mar 29th, 2024

Putin’s Staged Election Belies Resistance — Russian Court Data Tells the Real Story


Mar 15th, 2024

Amid Courts’ Role in US Democracy Struggle, Look to Lessons from Abroad


Feb 29th, 2024

New Rule of Law Index: Spread of Authoritarianism Slows But Justice Systems Are Failing

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Oct 25th, 2023

An Exodus of Professionals: The End of Politics in Turkey?


Sep 25th, 2023

At UNGA and Beyond, the World Is Already Turning a Blind Eye to Cambodia’s Stolen Election


Sep 22nd, 2023

Baby on Board! How Kleptocrats and Associates Use Family Members to Evade Sanctions

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Sep 19th, 2023

Tucker Carlson, Viktor Orbán and the Anti-Democracy Playbook

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Sep 15th, 2023

Dealing with Hybrid Regimes: Pursuing US Interests Without Giving them a Pass on Democracy

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May 17th, 2023

The Just Security Podcast: How Should the Press Cover Democracy?

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Jan 29th, 2023

As Another “Never Again” Scenario Quickly Approaches in Tigray, the Biden Administration Must Hold Parties to Their Word

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Nov 3rd, 2022

Global Rule of Law Index: Easing Health Crisis Unmasks Persistent Governance Crisis

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Oct 26th, 2022

Why the US Still Can’t Have It All: Biden’s National Security Strategy


Oct 14th, 2022

The News Media’s “Democracy Beats” Won’t Beat Back Autocracy


Oct 12th, 2022

The Urgency of Sustaining Momentum in the Fight Against Kleptocracy


Oct 4th, 2022

US Democracy’s Survival Requires a More Powerful Response to January 6th


Jul 15th, 2022

The Beginning of the End for Criminal Defamation in the Americas? The El Universo Case

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May 3rd, 2022

¿El principio del fin de la difamación penal en las Américas? El caso de El Universo

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May 2nd, 2022

Appetite for Obstruction: How Autocrats Subvert Democracy’s Infrastructure


Oct 14th, 2021

I Resigned from U.S. Government After My Own Leaders Began to Act Like the Autocrats I Analyzed


Aug 13th, 2020

What Fuels Autocracies Fuels Corruption


Jun 5th, 2020

The 21st Century Public Square: Protecting Online Comments from Manipulation and Disruption


Jun 1st, 2017