Ntina Tzouvala

Ntina Tzouvala took up a position as Postdoctoral Fellow with the Laureate Program in International Law at the Melbourne Law School in September 2016. In the context of the Program she will work on a project entitled ‘The Forgotten War: The Greek Civil War and International Law.’ Prior to this post, Ntina was a lecturer in law at Durham Law School (UK), where she also completed her PhD thesis.  Her teaching focused on international law, international human rights law and research skills training for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Her research concerns with international law, with particular emphasis on history, theory, and the political economy of international law. Entitled ‘Letters of blood and fire: a socio-economic history of international law,’ her thesis traced the role of international law and international institutions in the diffusion of free-market economy outside Europe between the 1870s and the early 21st century.  Ntina also holds an LLM in international law from University College London and an LLM in sociology of law from the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens, as well as an LLB from the same institution. As part of the Laureate Fellowship Program team Ntina intends to analyse the impact of international law and international institutions on the Greek civil war. Being the first major incident in the wake of the Cold War, the Greek civil war posed pressing questions of intervention and international legality in the immediate aftermath of the UN Charter. More broadly, Ntina intends to examine the role of international law in the construction of European peripheries, the political economy of interventionism, and their lasting impact for the region.

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