Salieu Taal

Salieu Taal (@salieutaal) is the President of the Gambia Bar Association, a council member of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association, and a Barrister at Law of England and Wales (Inner Temple). Salieu is an influential advocate in The Gambia promoting human rights, good governance, and the rule of law. He was part of the legal team that initiated the first amicus curiae brief at the Supreme Court of The Gambia, which hinged on the interpretation of the immunity clause in the Gambian Constitution that purported to grant blanket immunity to the former leaders of the military junta that ruled the country brutally for over 22 years.

Salieu Taal is the initiator and co-founder of #GambiaHasDecided, a pro-democracy movement which played a catalytic role in ousting the 22-year dictatorship in The Gambia during the country’s 2016-17 political impasse. Mr. Taal holds an LLB from the University of Buckingham and a Master of Arts from the London Centre for International Relations of the University of Kent.

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