Małgorzata Szuleka

Małgorzata Szuleka (@m_szuleka) is head of advocacy at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR) in Warsaw, Poland, one of Europe’s leading human rights NGOs.

Since the onset of Poland’s constitutional crisis in 2015, Małgorzata Szuleka has documented the attacks on independent institutions, including courts and civil society organizations. Her research and advocacy focus on issues of the independence of the judiciary, threats to the rule of law and democratic backsliding, as well as the shrinking civil society space. Her work has been a source of authoritative information and a point of reference for the media and international audiences.

As one of HFHR’s leading lawyers, since 2009, she has headed the organization’s research, among others, in cooperation with the European Agency for Fundamental Rights, on a range of other subjects, such as access to justice, fair trial and the rights of vulnerable groups, e.g. children, persons with disabilities, migrants and women.

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