Ellen Emilie Stensrud

Ellen Emilie Stensrud (@DrEllenStensrud) is Senior Researcher and head of the Research Department at the Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies. 

Stensrud’s research focuses on responses to mass atrocities. She is coordinating a project on mass atrocity resistance, which is a research and networking project studying local actors’ strategies to resist the most serious human right abuses. The project is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is also collaborating in a project on small states and atrocity prevention at the U.N. The project is funded by the Joint Committee for Nordic research councils.

She has recently conducted research on international responses to the situation for the Rohingya in Myanmar and co-edited a special issue on this topic for the journal Global Responsibility to Protect. She is a member of the Politics after War research network.

Stensrud received her Ph.D. in political science from the University of Oslo. Her Ph.D. thesis was titled  “Transitional Justice and the Problem of Legitimacy. A Study of the Mixed Courts in Cambodia and Sierra Leone.”

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