Stephen Schulhofer

Just Security Alumnus

Stephen J. Schulhofer, the Robert B. McKay Professor of Law at NYU Law School, has written more than seventy scholarly books and articles, many of them focused on law enforcement aspects of the “war on terror.” His most recent book, More Essential Than Ever: The Fourth Amendment in the Twenty-First Century (Oxford University Press 2012), analyzes issues concerning searches and seizures, electronic surveillance, and the intersection between privacy and national security. He has also written on national security secrecy, police interrogation, counter-terrorism policing strategy, the military tribunal option for trying terrorism suspects, the Patriot Act, and related criminal justice matters.  One of his current projects involves an empirical study of the impact of counter-terrorism policing on immigrant communities in New York and London.  After completing his B.A. at Princeton and his J.D. at Harvard, he clerked for two years for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black.

Areas of Expertise: National Security Law, Police Interrogation, Military Commissions, Patriot Act, Electronic Surveillance, Privacy

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