Meg Satterthwaite

Just Security Alumna

Margaret Satterthwaite (@SRjudgeslawyers) is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers. She is a Professor of Clinical Law at New York University School of Law, where she directs the Legal Empowerment and Judicial Independence Clinic and serves as a faculty director of the Robert and Helen Bernstein Institute for Human Rights and the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice. Her scholarship focuses on access to justice, legal empowerment, counter-terrorism, and methodological innovation in human rights, among other topics, and she has published several edited volumes and dozens of articles and book chapters. She is also on LinkedIn.

Areas of Expertise: Human Rights Law, Legal Empowerment, National Security Law, Access to Justice, Targeted Killings, International Law, Gender Issues, Rendition and the Law of Informal Transfer

Articles by this author:

Afghan Lawyers on Rule of Law’s Frontlines Need Urgent International Support

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Jan 25th, 2023

Two Regional Human Rights Tribunals Forge Ahead Despite Trump’s Attacks on International Institutions

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Aug 25th, 2020

Trump’s “Unalienable Rights” Commission Likely to Promote Anti-Rights Agenda 

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Jul 9th, 2019

“Zero Tolerance” and the Detention of Children: Torture under International Law

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Jun 21st, 2018

“Resources for Resilience”: New Site Launched to Promote Resilience & Mental Health in the Human Rights Field  

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Jun 8th, 2018

Explainer on the Legal Obligation Not to Return Refugees and How Trump’s Exec Order Breaks It

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Feb 4th, 2017

On Human Rights Day, One Year On: No Apology and No Accountability for US Torture


Dec 10th, 2015

Preview:  Lithuania to Face Questioning by UN Committee against Torture about “Black Sites”


May 9th, 2014

SSCI Report Names Djibouti as Host to CIA “Black Site,” as Case Pends before the African Commission


May 2nd, 2014

The SSCI Report and the Right to the Truth about the CIA’s Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition Program


Apr 3rd, 2014

Italian Court of Cassation Reverses Convictions of Italian Intelligence Agents Involved in Bush-Era Extraordinary Rendition


Feb 25th, 2014

European Court Urged to “Break Conspiracy of Silence” on CIA Black Sites in Europe


Dec 4th, 2013

African Commission Emerges as New Forum in Quest for Justice for Rendition Victims


Nov 2nd, 2013

Al-Liby: “Rendition to Justice” under Human Rights and Humanitarian Law


Oct 8th, 2013