Paul Seamus Ryan

Paul Seamus Ryan (@ThePaulSRyan) joined Common Cause as its Vice President for Policy and Litigation in October 2016 and has specialized in ethics and election law for more than 20 years. He is former Deputy Executive Director of the Campaign Legal Center (2004-16) and Political Reform Project Director at the Center for Governmental Studies (1999-2004). Paul has litigated before courts throughout the nation and has testified as an expert on election law before Congress, the FEC and state/local government. He has appeared on news programs of CNN, NBC, MSNBC, NPR and other media outlets, and is quoted regularly by The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and other news publications. Paul is a graduate of the UCLA School of Law (2001) and the University of Montana (1998).

Articles by this author:

Is Jared Kushner Illegally Soliciting Campaign Help From Kanye West?


Aug 14th, 2020

Federal Criminal Offenses and the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump

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Dec 16th, 2019

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Sep 27th, 2019

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Sep 23rd, 2019

Expert Summaries of Mueller Report: A Collection

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Aug 20th, 2019

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Jul 19th, 2019

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Jan 25th, 2019

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Dec 13th, 2018

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Nov 9th, 2018

The Campaign Finance Case Against Donald Trump is a Strong One: Just Ask John Edwards’ Prosecutors


Aug 23rd, 2018

Cambridge Analytica and Its Foreign National Staff Violated U.S. Laws


Mar 26th, 2018

The Smoking Gun for Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump Campaign Committee


Jul 13th, 2017