Julia Roig

Guest Author

Julia Roig (@jroig_horizons) has more than 25 years of experience working in conflict transformation and peacebuilding around the world, best known for her ability to convene diverse coalitions and her facilitative leadership of global networks. An organizer at heart, she embodies a commitment to bridge-building across sectors, disciplines, and cultures; often called upon to translate between theory and practice, while seeding new approaches, organizing principles and mindset shifts for social change. After serving for 13 years as the President and CEO of one of the preeminent international democracy and peacebuilding organizations, PartnersGlobal – in 2022 Julia launched The Horizons Project to focus on the intersection of peacebuilding, social justice, and democracy in the United States.

She is a renowned public speaker, facilitator, and trainer able to connect deeply with different constituencies within government, corporations, civil society and social movements. Julia is the main architect of ground-breaking new research and approaches for more effective Narratives for Peace, working with front-line peacebuilders, social scientists, filmmakers, advertising industry leaders and other creatives to bring peacebuilding into the mainstream. She works with philanthropists, non-profits, and social movements to incorporate narrative competency as an essential tool for restoring societal relationships and democratic values.

Julia was licensed as an attorney in the state of Maryland with many years of diverse international management experience and practical field work. Prior to joining PartnersGlobal, Julia spent two years as the Country Director for the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative in Belgrade, Serbia. She is also a recognized expert in community justice and dispute resolution in Colombia, having spent five years living and working from Bogota, promoting a national expansion of the Equity Conciliation and Justice Houses programs. Julia has a deep background in the evaluation of international assistance programs and impact assessments, and has served as team leader for complex, multi-country evaluations in Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru and Senegal.

She sits on several Advisory Boards and is currently the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Peacebuilding. A frequent author and public speaker, you can watch Julia’s TedXTalk “We Are All Peacebuilders” here.

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