Vadim Prokhorov

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Vadim Prokhorov is a prominent Russian human rights lawyer who has defended critics of the Kremlin, including opposition politicians and anti-corruption campaigners. He has represented human rights activists such as Boris Nemtsov, Ilya Yashin, Vladimir Kara-Murza, and Vladimir Bukovsky. Prokhorov’s work as a lawyer has made him an important figure in the human rights field, as the Russian government has increasingly suppressed public dissent and opposition activity.

Born in November 5, 1972, in Moscow, Prokhorov graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University. Experienced as lawyer since 1999, he holds membership in the Federal Lawyers’ Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Moscow City Lawyers’ Chamber.

Prokhorov participated as a lawyer and a representative in numerous proceedings, including those held at the Russian Federation Supreme Court and the Russian Federation Constitutional Court, as well as the European Court of Human Rights.

The political climate of Russia emphasizes the importance of Prokhorov’s work, as the government has been accused of repressive action against its citizens, as well as unfair treatment of political dissidents in recent years. This includes harsh sentencing, unfair trials, and imprisonment. The situation has been exacerbated by Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, which has led to an increased governmental suppression and restriction of freedom in Russia.

This increase in governmental repression gravely impacted Prokhorov’s work, who representing human rights defender and opposition politician Vladimir Kara-Murza for approximately the last 10 years. Kara-Murza was originally charged with high treason and discrediting the military, prompting objections from several human rights organizations that these charges were politically motivated.

Regardless of their objections, in the weeks leading up to Kara-Murza’s sentencing, Prokhorov received threats of potential criminal prosecution. This prompted him to leave Russia several days before his client’s verdict was announced, with Kara-Murza eventually being sentenced in April 2023 to 25 years imprisonment.

Prokhorov continues to work actively as a human rights lawyer defending Russian political prisoners – in Europe and in the United States (in Strasbourg via the Centre de la protection internationale, and in Washington with the Free Russia Foundation).


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