Lt. Col. Daniel Maurer

Guest Author

Dan Maurer (@dan_maurer) is a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and Judge Advocate, currently an assistant professor of law at the U.S. Military Academy and Non-Resident Fellow with West Point’s Modern War Institute. He is the author of Crisis, Agency, and Law in US Civil Military Relations (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017) and a co-editor (with Lionel Beehner and Risa Brooks) of the forthcoming Reconsidering American Civil-Military Relations: The Military, Society, Politics, and Modern War (Oxford University Press, 2020). His shorter works on civil-military relations and military justice can be found here. His other scholarship on both can be found here. The views are entirely his own and do not reflect the positions of the U.S. military or West Point specifically.

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