Louis Fisher

Louis Fisher is Scholar in Residence at The Constitution Project and Visiting Scholar at the William and Mary Law School.  From 1970 to 2010 he served as Senior Specialist in Separation of Powers at Congressional Research Service and Specialist in Constitutional Law at the Law Library of Congress.  He has testified before congressional committees more than 50 times on a range of constitutional issues, including war powers, spending powers, congressional oversight, the intelligence community, legislative vetoes, item vetoes, pocket vetoes, the Gramm-Rudman deficit control act, biennial budgeting, balanced budget amendment, presidential reorganization authority, recess appointments, executive privilege, NSA surveillance, state secrets privilege, and whistleblower protection.  Author of 25 books and more than 500 articles, his most recent book is “Supreme Court Expansion of Presidential Power: Unconstitutional Leanings” (University Press of Kansas, 2017).  Many of his articles and congressional testimony are available on his personal webpage, http://www.loufisher.org.

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