Eugene Kontorovich

Guest Author

Professor Eugene Kontorovich teaches at Northwestern University’s Prtizker School of Law. He specializes in constitutional and international law, and has written extensively about the legal aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Prof. Kontorovich has published dozens of scholarly articles in leading law reviews and peer-reviewed journals in the United States and Europe, including the American Journal of International Law, Stanford Law Review, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Virginia Law Review, International Journal of Criminal Justice, and many more.

He is a regular contributor to the Washington Post’s Volokh Conspiracy legal blog, and the head of the international law department at the Kohelet Policy Forum, a Jerusalem think tank.

He has been honored with a fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, in 2011-12, and with the Federalist Society’s prestigious Bator Award, given annually to a young scholar (under 40), for outstanding scholarship and teaching.

He attended the University of Chicago for college and law school, and later taught there. After law school, he clerked for Judge Richard Posner on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

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