Srinath Reddy Kethireddy

Srinath Reddy Kethireddy is a second-year student at Yale Law School, where he is a Student Director of the Center for Global Legal Challenges.

Articles by this author:

Common Article 1 and the U.S. Duty to Ensure Respect for the Geneva Conventions in Yemen

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Apr 26th, 2018

State Responsibility for U.S. Support of the Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen

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Apr 25th, 2018

The Extent and Validity of Yemen’s Consent to the US’s Use of Force

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Apr 18th, 2018

Is the United States a Party to the Conflict Between the Saudi-Led Coalition and the Houthis?

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Apr 12th, 2018

The High Hurdle for Aiding and Abetting Unlawful Attacks in Yemen

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Apr 11th, 2018

U.S. Federal Statute on Aiding and Abetting: War Crimes in Yemen – Part II

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Apr 3rd, 2018

The US, the War in Yemen, and the War Crimes Act – Part I

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Apr 2nd, 2018

The Legality of U.S. Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia for Use in Yemen

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Mar 7th, 2018

The Yemen Crisis and the Law: The Saudi-Led Campaign and U.S. Involvement

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Feb 20th, 2018