Kevin Jon Heller

Guest Author

Kevin Jon Heller (@kevinjonheller) is Professor of Criminal Law, SOAS, University of London and an Academic Member of Doughty Street Chambers. Until 2104, he was Associate Professor & Reader at Melbourne Law School, where he also served as Project Director for International Criminal Law at the Asia-Pacific Centre for Military Law, a joint project of Melbourne Law School and the Australian Defence Force. His books include The Nuremberg Military Tribunals and the Origins of International Criminal Law (Oxford University Press, 2011); The Hidden Histories of War Crimes Trials (Oxford University Press, 2013) (edited with Gerry Simpson); and The Handbook of Comparative Criminal Law (Stanford University Press, 2011) (edited with Markus Dubber).  He is currently writing a book entitled A Geneology of International Criminal Law, which will be published by Oxford University Press in 2015. For the past eight years, Kevin has also been a permanent member of the international-law blog Opinio Juris.


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