Seenaa Jimjimo

Guest Author

Seenaa Jimjimo (@SeenaaJimjimo) is Executive Director of the Oromo Legacy Leadership & Advocacy Association (OLLAA). She is an Oromo-American born in and raised in Ethiopia. From a very young age, she felt grieved over the injustices she saw perpetrated against Oromo, particularly against Oromo women. Wanting to help, she studied political science as an undergraduate, and public health and public administration as a graduate student. While at the University of Illinois, she was graduate student Senator-at-Large and treasurer for the African Student Organization. She is a recipient of awards including the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship and the Mitheny M. Young Fellowship, and was a key player for House Resolution 128 on human rights in Ethiopia, introduced in 2017 and passed in 2018, that enabled change in Ethiopia. Throughout her career, Seenaa founded and represented numerous student and non-student organizations. She works as an Environmental Health Specialist II. As executive director of OLLAA, she works mostly with largely Oromo-speaking populations.

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