James Jennion

Guest Author

James Jennion (@JennionJames) is the 2021 Human Rights Fellow at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. He is a foreign policy analyst and adviser based in the UK, where he works mainly on human rights and crisis prevention. James was born in northwest England and studied at the University of Leeds, where he graduated with an MA in International Relations. He moved to London in 2018 to take up a role in the UK Parliament, where he worked in the office of a Member of Parliament to support constituents and work on high-profile policy issues. He is also a passionate believer in social mobility and equality.

In 2019 he founded Out of London, an organization working to help get more working-class people into politics, and is a Trustee of The Equality Trust, a charity campaigning for greater socioeconomic equality in the UK and beyond. He has attended conferences, training programmes and secondments in countries including Kazakhstan, Kosovo and Azerbaijan, and has previously spent extended periods of time in China and Peru. His work has appeared in publications such as The Diplomat and The National Interest.

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