Jamie Mayerfeld

Jamie Mayerfeld (@jmayerfeld) is Professor of Political Science and Adjunct Professor in Law, Societies, and Justice at the University of Washington. He also is a faculty associate of the Center for Human Rights and an associate faculty member of the Program on Values. He is the author most recently of The Promise of Human Rights: Constitutional Government, Democratic Legitimacy, and International Law (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016), which develops an account of constitutional democracy as a cooperative project enlisting both domestic and international guardians to strengthen the protection of human rights. His other publications include Suffering and Moral Responsibility (Oxford University Press, 1999) and articles on various topics in political theory, moral philosophy, human rights, and international criminal law. Mayerfeld has taught courses on the history of political thought; democratic theory; contemporary theories of justice; nationalism; human rights theory; religion, secularism, and toleration; the philosophy of punishment; human rights law; U.S. constitutional law; and U.S. detention policy in Guantanamo Bay. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1992.

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