David Glazier

David Glazier is Professor of Law  and Lloyd Tevis Fellow at Loyola Law School. Prior to joining Loyola Law School, Glazier was a lecturer at the University of Virginia School of Law and a research fellow at the Center for National Security Law, where he conducted research on national security, military justice and the law of war. He also served as a pro bono consultant to Human Rights First.

Before attending law school, Glazier served 21 years as a US Navy surface warfare officer. In that capacity, he commanded the USS George Philip, served as the Seventh Fleet staff officer responsible for the US Navy-Japan relationship, the Pacific Fleet officer responsible for the US Navy-PRC relationship, and participated in UN sanctions enforcement against Yugoslavia and Haiti.

Glazier has a JD from the University of Virginia School of Law. He also earned an MA from Georgetown University in government/national security studies and holds a BA in history from Amherst College. He was admitted to the Virginia bar in 2004.

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