Paul Figley

Guest Author

Paul Figley joined the faculty of the Washington College of Law in the Fall of 2006. Professor Figley teaches Legal Rhetoric and first year Torts. The Student Bar Association voted him Washington College of Law Professor of the Year for 2012-13 and Faculty Member of the Year for 2014-15.

Professor Figley has published articles in scholarly journals and a book, A Guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act (ABA, 2d ed. 2018). He has testified before Congressional committees on matters pertaining to government liability and appropriations. In 2017, he won Washington College of Law’s Emalee C. Godsey Scholar Award.

Professor Figley was a U.S. Department of Justice litigator for three decades. During his last fifteen years at Justice he served as Deputy Director in the Torts Branch of the Civil Division. At Justice, he represented the United States and its agencies in appellate and district court litigation involving torts, national security, and information law.

Professor Figley is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College and Southern Methodist University School of Law, where he was Leading Articles Editor for the Journal of Air Law & Commerce.

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