Shaheed Fatima Q.C.

Founding Editor

Shaheed Fatima QC is a London-based barrister, practicing from Blackstone Chambers. She has a broad practice, which includes commercial law, human rights law, public law, and public international law. A key area of her expertise is national security law. She is regularly instructed in high profile cases with an international dimension, raising complex questions of either conflict of laws or public international law (e.g. Al-Skeini, Al-Jedda; Serdar Mohammed) and has frequently represented the UK Government in both domestic and international courts: she was a member of the Attorney General’s Public International Law ‘A’ Panel (2014-2016) and the Attorney General’s ‘A’ Panel (2011-2016), having previously been on the ‘B’ Panel (2009-2011). Her experience as an advocate extends beyond English courts to the European Court of Human Rights, the Court of Justice of the European Union, UN treaty bodies and arbitral tribunals. Shaheed is working on the second edition of her book, ‘International Law and Foreign Affairs in English Courts’ (first edition: 2005 with a Foreword by Lord Bingham). She has taught law, including intensive courses on national security law and international human rights law, at the University of Oxford, Harvard Law School, NYU Law School and the Graduate Institute in Geneva.

Areas of Expertise: National Security Law, International Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, English Courts

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