Nima Fatemi

Nima Fatemi (@mrphs) is the founding director of Kandoo, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering civil society and vulnerable or marginalized populations through educational and information security services. With over 10 years of experience as a political activist and independent security researcher focused on encryption, privacy and censorship circumvention technologies, Nima has worked with grassroots movements, media organizations, lawyers, academic institutions and individual activists to improve their security.

Nima’s activism began during Iran’s 2009 Green Movement providing digital security support for journalists, political activists and leaders of the democratic movement. As threats to freedom of expression and access to information have spread globally, Nima has expanded his efforts from beyond Iran to support marginalized communities in the United States and elsewhere by applying his expertise in digital and information security to protect whistleblowers, their lawyers, journalists and others operating in hostile environments.

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