Anthony Dworkin

Guest Author

Anthony Dworkin (@AnthonyDworkin) is a senior policy fellow and leads ECFR’s work in the area of human rights, democracy, and justice. Among other subjects, he has conducted research and written on European and US frameworks for counterterrorism, on the EU’s human rights strategy, and on the pursuit of justice in the international response to mass atrocities. Since 2011, he has also followed political developments in North Africa after the Arab uprisings, with a particular focus on Egypt and Tunisia.

Before joining ECFR in 2008, Anthony was executive director of the Crimes of War Project, an NGO that worked to raise public and media awareness of the laws governing armed conflict. He co-edited the book Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know (2nded., Norton, 2007) and wrote extensively for the project’s website about war crimes and contemporary conflict, as well as conducting training sessions on the laws of war and international justice in several countries.

He has written and spoken widely about many questions relating to human rights, democracy, and justice. He is a contributing editor of the British magazine Prospect and has written for several other publications, including the Financial Times, the Guardian, theInternational Herald Tribune, the Washington PostEl Pais, the New Statesman, the Times Literary Supplement, Foreign Policy, and theWorld Politics Review. He has been a member of the Terrorism/Counterterrorism Advisory Committee and the London Advocacy Advisory Committee of Human Rights Watch. He has also worked as a producer and reporter for BBC Current Affairs.

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