Marija Đorđeska

Marija Đorđeska (@marijadordeska) is an independent legal consultant. In her decade-long experience as an international lawyer, she advised international organisations and individuals on the right to a fair trial, human rights, investment disputes, international maritime law and international criminal law. She has previously worked for several international law firms in London, Washington D.C. and Berlin and was a junior diplomat for the EEAS at the EU Delegation in Malaysia. Her monograph, General Principles of Law Recognized by Civilized Nations (1922-2018): The Evolution of the Third Source of International Law Through the Jurisprudence of the Permanent Court of International Justice and the International Court of Justice (Brill, 2020), provides a comprehensive overview of the third source of international law by relying on an empirical method of research. Recently, she advised the ECCC Supreme Court Chambers on the right to a fair trial in the Case 002/02 against Khieu Samphân.

Đorđeska is deeply committed to mentoring new generations of advocates. To that end, she co-edited the 2017 Phillip C. Jessup problem, has been a judge for the Jessup competition in Russia, United States, United Kingdom, France, China and Malaysia, was elected a co-chair of the New Professionals Interest Group with the American Society of International Law (2016-2019) and have founded the Young Scholars Network with the International Law Association.

She obtained a doctorate (S.J.D., 2016) and an (LL.M., 2013) in international law as a double Thomas Buergenthal Scholar from The George Washington University (Washington, D.C.) and is admitted to practice in New York State. Đorđeska is also on LinkedIn.

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