We are happy to announce the publication of a new Editors’ Picks reading list on “The Regulation and Risks of Cryptocurrencies.”  Compiled by our intern Eli Blood-Patterson, a 3rd-year law student at NYU School of Law, this Editors’ Picks provides an annotated list of essential reads for those looking to gain a better understanding of the risks–including security risks–of the emerging use of crytocurrencies like Bitcoin and how governmental agencies are beginning to accept and regulate these digital currencies.  The reading list also includes helpful annotations on recommend reads for those wishing to understand the technical complexities of digital currencies.

Our “Editors’ Picks” feature includes reading lists covering many important topics related to U.S. national security law. Our goal with this feature is to provide you with annotated lists of “good reads”–whether they are books, law review articles, reports, or court cases–within a particular area of study in national security law and policy.  The works are selected by Just Security‘s Editors-in-Chief and Managing Editor, with annotations written by law students with assistance and review from Just Security‘s senior editorial team.  Previous Editors’ Picks have included, among other things, the power to detainexecutive powerautonomous weapons systems, and International Human Right Law on Privacy (and Surveillance).  For all our previous reading lists, be sure to visit the Editors’ Picks section of the website, which can always be easily accessed through the permanent link at the bottom of the homepage.