I. Surveillance, Privacy, & Technology

  1. Beth Van Schaack, Results of High Commissioner’s Data Call Available Online (Friday, Apr. 18)
  2. Thomas Earnest, New Editors’ Picks Reading List: IHRL on Privacy and Surveillance (Thursday, Apr. 17)
  3. Jennifer Granick, Fourth Circuit Upholds Contempt Against Lavabit, Doesn’t Decide Gov’t Access to Encryption Keys (Wednesday, Apr. 16)

II. Detention, Trial, & Treatment

III.  Congress and National Security Legislation

  1. Marty Lederman, The reorganization of Title 50 (and a note about Congress having exempted “intelligence activities” from statutes implementing treaties) (Tuesday, Apr. 15)
  2. Letters to the Editor, Letter to the Editor from former U.S. Army JAG replying to Ryan Goodman on recent amends legislation (Wednesday, Apr. 16)
  3. Ryan Goodman, New Statute Provides Amends to Foreign Civilians Killed by the United States – but only if they’re “friendly” (Monday, Apr. 14)

IV. Targeted Killing & Drones

V. Foreign Law (and denaturalization)

VI. Syria

VII. Ukraine

  1. Ryan Goodman, Ukraine accepts ICC Jurisdiction but stops short, way short (Thursday, Apr. 17)
  2. Ryan Goodman,  José Alvarez: Ukraine’s Request for UN Peacekeepers Does Not Require Security Council (Russian) Approval (Wednesday, Apr. 16)

VIII. International Criminal Court

  1. Alex Whiting, Guest Post: Trial Chamber Finds Power to Compel Witnesses is an “Implied Power” of the ICC (Thursday, Apr. 17)
  2. (See also Ukraine VII above:)