I. Surveillance, Privacy, & Technology

  1. Kate Martin, Guest Post: How President Obama can fulfill his promise to end bulk collection of telephone metadata, while preserving intelligence capabilities (Friday, Mar. 14)
  2. Just Security, Debating “The Snowden Operation”: A Victory for Privacy Rights or for Russia? (Thursday, Mar. 13)
  3. Alan Butler, Guest Post: The PCLOB Report and the Need for Executive Branch Constitutional Enforcement (Tuesday, Mar. 11)

II. Congress, Oversight, & Politics

  1. Marty Lederman, Caroline Krass Confirmed as CIA General Counsel (Thursday, Mar. 13)
  2. Andy Wright, Constitutional Conflict & Congressional Oversight  (Wednesday, Mar. 12)
  3. Thomas Earnest, Floor Statement from Senator Feinstein on CIA-SSCI Controversy  (Tuesday, Mar. 11)
  4. Just Security, CIA Director John Brennan Speaking at the Council for Foreign Relations  (Tuesday, Mar. 11)

III. Drones & Targeted Killings

  1. Thomas Earnest, Rep. Schiff Op-Ed in NYT: moving drone program from CIA to JSOC would result in more transparency — But is he right? (Thursday, Mar. 13)

IV. Detention, Trial, & Treatment

V. Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties & the Koh Memos

  1. Beth Van Schaack, The United States’ Position on Extraterritoriality: The Time For Change Is Now (Wednesday, Mar. 12)
  2. Ryan Goodman, The Koh Memo’s Impact on the Current US Position (A Reply, in part, to Ben Wittes) (Tuesday, Mar. 11)
  3. Letters to the Editor, Letter to the Editor from Manfred Nowak, What does extraterritorial application of human rights treaties mean in practice? (Tuesday, Mar. 11)
  4. Beth Van Schaack, In Defense of the Memoranda: A Reply to Ben Wittes (Tuesday, Mar. 11)
  5. Ryan Goodman, The United States’ Long (and Proud) Tradition in Support of the Extraterritorial Application of International Human Rights Law (Monday, Mar. 10)
  6. Jonathan Horowitz, Guest Post: Koh on Non-Refoulement (Monday, Mar. 10)
  7. Letters to the Editor, Letter to the Editor from Former Member of the Human Rights Committee, Martin Scheinin (Monday, Mar. 10)

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