Secret Law, Surveillance, Privacy, Digital Security

20 Years After the Patriot Act, America Must End Secret Law
By Senator Ron Wyden

Rethinking Surveillance on the 20th Anniversary of the Patriot Act
By Sharon Bradford Franklin

Client-Side Scanning: A New Front in the War on User Control of Technology
By Jeffrey Vagle

Congress Debates Cyber Incident Reporting Deadlines in the NDAA
By Michael Kans

Artificial Intelligence

Changing the Story: Artificial Intelligence and Patent Eligibility
By Kristen Osenga

Symposium Recap: Security, Privacy and Innovation – Reshaping Law for the AI Era
By Laura Brawley, Antara Joardar, Madhu Narasimhan


The Biden Administration’s Disappointing Sanctions Report: What Should Come Next
By Elizabeth Goitein

Defense Budget

The Ballooning Biden Defense Budget
By Lawrence Korb, Kaveh Toofan

Watchlists Policy

Watchlisting the World: Digital Security Infrastructures, Informal Law, and the “Global War on Terror”
By Ramzi Kassem, Rebecca Mignot-Mahdavi, Gavin Sullivan

Attack on U.S. Capitol

The Easiest Case for the Prosecution: Trump’s Aiding and Abetting Unlawful Occupation of the Capitol
By Albert W. Alschuler


Counterterrorism Off the Rails: Israel’s Declaration of Palestinian Human Rights Groups as “Terrorist” Organizations
By Eliav Lieblich, Adam Shinar


How Many (More) Sudanese Have to Die for Democracy?
By Maha Osman Tambal, Rebecca Hamilton

After the Coup in Sudan: Key (Short-Term) Indicators for Democratic Survival
By Rebecca Hamilton


Failure to Renew Yemen Investigative Mechanism Shows Costs of US Absence from Human Rights Council
By David M. Crane


ASEAN Has Failed on Myanmar. What’s Next?
By Daniel Sullivan