I. Freedom of the Press

  1. Jeremy Waldron, More Executive-Minded than the Executive (Friday, Feb. 21)
  2. Just Security, David Miranda Detention and Questioning was Lawful, Rules UK High Court (Wednesday, Feb. 19)

II. Surveillance and Data Collection

  1. Steve Vladeck, Espionage Porn and Democratic Platitudes: A Response to Rahul Sagar (Friday, Feb. 21)
  2. Rahul Sagar, Guest Post: Democratic Platitudes (Friday, Feb. 21)
  3. Julian Sanchez, Information Cascades and Intelligence Oversight (Wednesday, Feb. 19)
  4. Andrew K. Woods, Guest Post: Why Does Microsoft Want a Global Convention on Government Access to Data? (Wednesday, Feb. 19)
  5. Jennifer Granick and Mailyn Fidler, Update: Changes to Export Control Arrangement Intended to Apply to Surveillance Technology, not Exploits, but Confusion and Ambiguity Remain (Wednesday, Feb. 19)

III. Targeted Killings and Drones

  1. Ryan Goodman, Missing Transparency: Is the US Response to Reported Drone Attack on Wedding Party Self-Defeating?  (Thursday, Feb. 20)
  2. Letter to the Editor from Former US Air Force Airman and Drone Sensor Operator, Brandon Bryant  (Wednesday, Feb. 19)
  3. Chris Jenks and Geoffrey S. Corn, A Rejoinder from Jenks and Corn re U.S. SIGINT Based Targeting (Tuesday, Feb. 18)
  4. Ryan Goodman and Derek Jinks, Military Targeting Based on Cellphone Location (Tuesday, Feb. 18)
  5. Chris Jenks and Geoffrey S. Corn, Guest Post — Eyes Wide Shut: Scahill and Greenwald’s Flawed Critique of U.S. SIGINT Based Targeting (Tuesday, Feb. 18)

IV. Military Commissions

  1. Thomas Earnest, Al Darbi Pleads Guilty but Questions Remain (Thursday, Feb. 20)
  2. Steve Vladeck, The al Iraqi Case and the Future of Military Commissions (Saturday, Feb. 15)

V. North Korea

VI. Miscellaneous

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