I. Surveillance and Data Collection

  1. Just Security, Members of the PCLOB Testifying Before the Senate Judiciary Committee (Wednesday, Feb. 12)
  2. Jennifer Granick, Eight Questions PCLOB Should Ask About Section 702 (Tuesday, Feb. 11)
  3. Thomas Earnest, Office of the DNI Releases List of Permissible Uses of Data Collected in Bulk (Monday, Feb. 10)

II. Targeted Killings

  1. Sarah Knuckey, Which Policies Apply to the Killing of U.S. Citizens in Pakistan? (Tuesday, Feb. 11)
  2. Ryan Goodman, Where’s the “Metadata”?: What Greenwald and Scahill (Don’t) Say about NSA Metadata Collection and Lethal Targeting (Monday, Feb. 10)
  3. Jennifer Daskal, Lethal Targeting of US Citizens: AP Report Raises More Questions Than Answers (Monday, Feb. 10)

III. Detention

  1. Ryan Goodman, Do “Extrajudicial Releases” of Afghan Detainees Violate International Law?: The Missing Legal Arguments (Thursday, Feb. 13)
  2. Steve Vladeck, The True Significance of Judge Tatel’s Opinion in the Force-Feeding Appeal (Tuesday, Feb. 11)

IV. Congressional Oversight

V. Governmental Leadership and Civilian-Military Relations

VI. International Criminal Court

VII. Peace Talks/Peace Negotiations

VIII. Miscellaneous

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